Collaboration between Granlund and brings the benefits of 4D scheduling from office to the field in infrastructure projects

The collaboration between Granlund and, two Finnish construction specialist organizations, aims to enhance the information flow and maximize the benefits of 4D planning for all project stakeholders in infrastructure projects through their comprehensive service package.

This package encompasses the exceptional performance and user-friendliness of Projects software and its powerful Sequencer Visualizer feature, and Granlund’s extensive expertise in data model-based construction project scheduling.

The primary focus of this partnership is to provide municipalities, cities, and construction companies with improved efficiency and seamless infrastructure construction processes.

Sequencer Visualizer empowers projects with 4D visualized data integration

Granlund’s 4D team offers comprehensive turnkey services for creating and overseeing 4D schedules throughout the project lifecycle. This service encompasses all critical information for the construction process, including source data, design, procurement, and construction schedules, streamlining the entire operation under a single operator., a software company, has developed the Sequencer Visualizer tool as part of its browser-based service. This tool simplifies the visualization of 4D schedules generated by Bentley Synchro software. With this tool, anyone involved in a construction project can effortlessly view real-time 4D plans, even on their mobile device, without the need for separate installations or expertise in data modeling software.

The convenience of this tool becomes evident in scenarios where it is necessary to demonstrate the progress of a construction project to various stakeholders involved.

Teemu Nivell from says that the collaboration started from three premises:

Granlund’s staff has long experience in data model-based scheduling of demanding construction projects. Jouni and I have known each other for years, which was a natural way to start working together. In addition, we already have collaborative customer relationships for which we can create immediate added value through cooperation. 

Swiftly launched partnership prioritizes user experience and seamless usability

The shared history goes back many years, as Granlund’s Jouni Ojala and Nivell know each other.

–The collaboration with both Teemu, who is a long-time acquaintance, and, a more recent one, has taken off smoothly, and we are seeing rapid results,” explains Jouni Ojala from Granlund.

Ojala emphasizes that user-friendliness and ease of use have been crucial factors in the collaboration with

– We are constantly striving to improve our service. One of our principles is that users can select the tools that best serve their purpose. With, it becomes possible to publish 4D schedules to the viewing software used in the project and share them without the need for everyone to learn a new application. While Bentley’s portfolio offers tools for specific purposes, partnering with is about making information easily accessible to everyone.

Through their collaboration, Granlund and are challenging established practices in the construction industry and striving to ensure that schedules are communicated to the entire project team. Ojala emphasizes that 4D scheduling is always an investment, but its benefits may go unnoticed if information is not effectively shared.

Ojala sees the potential for Projects to also serve as a publishing tool for conventional building construction projects in the future. Projects in brief: Projects is a cloud-based service that operates through a web browser, facilitating the integration of initial, design, and as-built data. Users can access the service directly from their computers or any mobile devices without the need for separate application installations. The service offers extensive support for point clouds, orthophotos, photogrammetry , BIM-models , and WMS/WMTS data.

With Projects, users can leverage project data by creating cross- and longitudinal-sections, querying data models for property and quantity information, comparing design and as-built models, and facilitating communication among various stakeholders involved in a construction project.

Granlund 4D- services in brief: 

Granlund’s 4D design service brings the power of information modeling to customers, making projects seamless and providing an easy solution for scheduling. Once the client has provided the initial data and requirements, the 4D team takes the lead by planning schedules from the start of the project. The 4D team also oversees the implementation of schedules from design to procurement and implementation.

Granlund relies on data and uses data models as a basis for data. For example, the 4D team calculates from a schedule conversion model, takes into account volume data at different locations and uses schedule metrics to estimate durations. The project starts with spatial models and reference data, but the data models are incorporated as the design progresses, allowing for a snapshot and comparability throughout the project.


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