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Vektor instantly visualizes all Your 3D BIM, GIS and IoT data in a browser. There are no installations or downloads required and no limits on data complexity.

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Vektor is a web-based platform for visualizing large scale 3D BIM, GIS and IoT content.

VektorDB is a database designed for indexing and searching BIM-data efficiently.

Vektor-platform can be utilized in every stage of complex AEC project:

Area Planning and Zoning

Design collaboration

Infrastucture projects


Facility Management

Visualizing building lifecycle

Data produced across building lifecycle phases can be automatically combined into a visual experience for easy collaboration and analysis.

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Vektor automatically combines data from different sources and fits them together. You can build new applications leveraging the data in minutes and collaborate with Your stakeholders seamlessly. Zero manual steps, app installs or downloads.

Vektor can integrate all the 2D/3D-model formats generated in the different phases of the building lifecycle.

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