Explore our latest references on how Vektor has been used to solve problems in the construction industry.

Real estate sales management

Vektor platform enables new kind of applications for real estate sales management.

Realistic sales experiences inside the digital building

Potential buyers can see an upcoming building as part of it’s existing or planned surroundings. They can “walk” inside the digital building and see the surrounding scenery from windows and configure room layouts or furniture according to available options.

Meaningful sales data analysis

A sales manager can visually monitor the development of sales statistics and available capacity in a specific region, city, building or apartment. They can view and analyze sales data on any relevant detail level or context. With Vektor you can analyze statistics for example by price per square meter on a map, on a building or even on a floor of a building. Vektor helps understand the impact of property location, surroundings as well as apartment layout on sales statistics even on pre-construction phase.

Minimized effort and cost

Vektor enables results without heavy investments into new marketing material or re-work. Existing architectural designs, open 3D city models or CRM data can be quickly integrated together to produce the required sales tools.