Technology is a web-based platform that combines BIM, GIS and IoT data. can be used to build applications across the entire building lifecycle from zoning to maintenance.

All digital information on one platform

  • Compatible with all relevant coordinate systems and data formats from maps, point clouds, and infrastructure models, to building information models and IoT data
  • Different types of data are automatically combined into a unified experience. Formats supported include for example IFC, DWG, LandXML/Inframodel and LAS/LAZ.
  • Simplifies the use of data across building lifecycle phases and ensures easy workflow

No limits on 3D model size

Rapid processing of even the most complex and large data sets

  • Viewable using a standard internet browser with no plugins
  • Usable on mobile or desktop platforms with a full detail level
  • Existing data can be used with the platform with zero manual steps

Fully programmable

  • All data in the platform can be accessed and manipulated via easy to use web APIs
  • Enables searching, linking and analysis of information
  • Subsets of the data can be colored, hidden or made transparent
  • External data sources can be easily combined to build a new application
  • Template applications speed up application development

For Developers

Simplify Your AEC software development workflow, reduce costs and shorten time-to-market with

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