and Vassbakk & Stol Enhance Collaboration for Digital BIM-Based Infrastructure Project Management, a premier provider of BIM and GIS software solutions, is expanding its collaboration with Vassbakk & Stol, a renowned Norwegian infrastructure contractor. With’s groundbreaking software, Projects, Vassbakk & Stol is at the forefront of BIM-based project management and collaboration for infrastructure projects.

Vassbakk & Stol, part of the Skanska Norge AS group, is distinguished for its dedication to digital innovation in the sector. Following extensive evaluation, they’ve selected Projects for their flagship E39 Hove Osli initiative. The company envisions broadening its application to more projects and incorporating it into their bidding processes.

The Projects is a cloud-powered platform that offers seamless integration of initial, design, and as-built data. This intuitive software allows team members to access the platform from PCs, tablets, or smartphones, eliminating separate app installations. It supports various formats, from point clouds, BIM models, and photogrammetry to dwg-files and WMS maps. Its standout feature is its capacity to consolidate all project data in a single location, regardless of file type or size. This consolidation empowers every project participant to meticulously study and oversee the project. Trond Huus, Vassbakk & Stol’s project developer for digital services, commented:

“All our significant ongoing and future projects are pivoting towards being model-based. Hence, it’s vital for us to employ a tool that’s user-friendly but robust enough to ensure quality and stability throughout the project.”

Teemu Nivell,’s Chief Commercial Officer, stressed the partnership’s significance:

“Our primary focus is on the Norwegian and Finnish markets and recently we have been developing our solution for Norwegian infrastructure projects. This includes adjustments to the Norwegian terrain data, and user interface, and supporting the local Stringline layer format. Collaborating with Vassbakk & Stol is invaluable for our insights into the Norwegian market.”

Vassbakk & Stol anticipates benefiting from’s sophisticated capabilities and intuitive interface. This alliance aims to revolutionize project management and collaboration in infrastructure projects, ensuring unparalleled quality and consistent delivery.

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