collaborating with GRK Infra in the Hailuoto Project

The cooperation between GRK Infra and began approximately a year ago. has been used by GRK Infra for bid estimation and, for example, as a collaboration tool for combining BIM models and drone data in the Hailuoto Causeway Project. 

The objective of the Hailuoto project is to construct a causeway between Oulu and Hailuoto, replacing the current ferry connection. This fixed road connection will enhance Hailuoto’s accessibility. The length of the new connection is approximately 8.4 kilometers, including embankment sections and two bridges, Huikku and Riutu, each around 750 meters long. 

This significant project is being executed through an alliance model, where the client, designers, and contractors form a joint project organization. GRK Infra Oyj is participating as an infrastructure builder in the alliance. 

Mikko Belov, GRK’s BIM Expert Coordinator and Information Model Specialist has utilized Projects in various GRK projects, and the combination tool for BIM models is also being used in the Hailuoto alliance project. Projects is easy to implement, and anyone can learn to use it within minutes. The Projects consolidates all visual information, from individual components to the entire combined BIM model of the project, making it easily accessible throughout the project’s lifecycle. Projects is employed in both infrastructure project execution and bidding phases.

Understanding Plans, Visualizing, and Finding Information 

-Building Information Modeling and leveraging digitalization are integral parts of GRK’s overall strategy, as stated by Sami Immonen, the Technical Director of GRK.

-The adoption of modern technology and work-facilitating practices benefits everyone. 

The most significant advantage of using Projects is the ability to comprehend the entirety of the project and quickly access all information.

-By not having to reconstruct plans, the possibility of errors diminishes, and identifying design flaws becomes more manageable. This directly impacts the project’s schedule and costs, as affirmed by Krister Lönnberg,  BIM Manager at GRK.

The reduction of potential errors is one of the reasons why Projects has become a popular tool, even during the pre-construction phase. 

-The implementation of digital tools and BIM services may pose challenges due to people’s habits of using specific software, contemplates Krister Lönnberg.

-The tools must be user-friendly. Projects runs smoothly on both computer screens and mobile devices. 

In large projects, dealing with copious amounts of data and finding the exact information can be challenging. One obstacle lies in the fact that all identical building components are described in the same manner, and different software programs may interpret IFC data differently. Is the data consistently written in each program? 

At present, Krister Lönnberg, GRK’s BIM Manager, utilizes Projects for visual inspections. 

-Models and point clouds run very smoothly on The quality improves when a designer’s models can be utilized more extensively compared to PDF-drawings.

GRK Infra is highly satisfied with the collaboration with, and special praise is given to’s prompt support and consideration of users’ requests.

Contact information:

Sami Immonen – Director, Technical Services, GRK

Krister Lönnberg – BIM Manager, GRK

Teemu Nivell, Chief Commercial Officer,